CEO Greeting

Hanvit Power Co. will be a leading company in the clean energy industries putting environmental issues into its first priority!

I sincerely welcome and thank all of you who visit the Home Page of Hanvit Power Co.

Hanvit Power is a company which provides total engineering services on the power´s development, operation and decommissioning of Nuclear, Hydro, and Thermal Power Plants and New Renewable Energy Industries.

Thanks to your unstinted supports and encouragements, Hanvit Power could be able to perform successful businesses at home and abroad such as Middle East, Africa, and Europe so that it has been developed as a specialized company in the power Industries with excellent manpower, organization, and diverse technical skills.

Recently, Hanvit Power has been preparing for the second (2) take-off with capabilities which can provide multidisciplinary engineering services on the basis of full of experience and specialized technical skills on the overall power industrial fields such as business planning, project management, engineering design, construction, commissioning, operation, maintenance and decommissioning.

In addition, Hanvit Power has been building up new capabilities for the future "Meokgeori(food)" Blue Ocean not only in the power industrial fields but also in the field of reduction of fine dusts and development of Nano-sensors with creative ideas and enthusiasm of staff of Hanvit Power.

Hanvit Power will continue to grow as a leader of future Power industries, environment, and the fourth industries on the basis of endless efforts and specialized technical skills.

I sincerely hope all of you give us warm and continuous attentions and supports!

Thank you!