Other Services

HANVIT Power - delivering the highest quality standards and best value in Nuclear, Renewable and Thermal Power Generation

Major Services

Overseas Technical Data/Document Services Related to Nuclear Power Generation

Services Related to Information Technology Based Design System

Health Physics (HP) and Radiation Protection (RP) Services

Radioactive Waste Disposal and Treatment

Repair of Power Plant Equipment and Major Sub-Systems and Components

Major Performance

Developed the Integrated Radioactivity Management System for Nuclear Power Plants

Providing Nuclear Technology Data/Documents of IAEA, WANO, INPO and EPRI for Corporate Users

Assessment & Control of Radiation Exposure

Radiation Protection System Improvement

Radiation Protection Training

Treatment of Radioactive Waste: Collection, Disposal, Shipping and Storage of Nuclear Power Plant Radioactive Waste

Repair Works for Valves, Heat Exchangers, and related Equipment for KHNP Nuclear Power Plants