HANVIT Power - delivering the highest quality standards and best value in Nuclear, Renewable and Thermal Power Generation

Major Services

Basic Engineering for Fossil, Gas, Combined Cycle, Hydro, Solar Power Plant and Waste to Energy Plant

Detail Engineering (for Mechanical, Electrical and I&C) for Power Plant and Waste to Energy Plant

Engineering Management

Engineering Supervisory Service

Feasibility Study for Power Plant and Waste to Energy Plant

Equipment/Components Procurement for Power Plant and Waste to Energy Plant

Safety Equipment Environmental Qualification for Nuclear Power Plant (NPP)

Configuration Management for NPP

Periodic Safety Review (PSR) for NPP

Dedication for Nuclear Power Plant Quality Class "Q" Components

Major Performance

Periodic Safety Review (PSR) for Kori NPP Unit 1 & Wolsong NPP Unit 1

Radioactive Environmental Qualification for KHNP NPPs (Kori, Shin-Kori, Hanbit, Wolsong, Shin-Wolsong)

Soundness & Reliability Evaluation for the Equipment/Component of KHNP Wolsong NPP Units 2, 3 & 4

Develop the Configuration Management System for System-Integrated Modular Advanced Reactor (SMART)

Electrical Equipment Procurement for Samcheok Green TPP Units 1 & 2

BOP (Balance of Power Plant) Equipment Procurement for KHNP Shin-Kori NPP Units 3 & 4

Heating & Ventilation Air Control System Design for KHNP Hanbit NPP Units 3 & 4

Feasibility Study for Georgia 100 MW Hydro Power Plant

Feasibility Study for Balephi Hydro Power Plant in Nepal

Feasibility Study for Rehabilitation of Fenchuganj CCPP in Syhlet, Bangladesh