Quality Assurance

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Major Services

Development, Maintenance, Improvement and Consulting of Quality Management System

Maintenance, Improvement and Consulting of Nuclear Quality Assurance System

Major Performance

Operation of Quality Management System of Korea Electric Power Research Institute (KEPRI)

Developed Nuclear Quality Assurance Optimization Program for KHNP

Study on Alteration of Quality Class System for Operating Nuclear Power Plants

Developed Quality Assurance Program for Operation and Maintenance of Heavy Water Nuclear Power Plants

Consulting to Byeoksan Engineering for KEPIC (Korea Electric Power Industry Code) Qualification

Consulting to Dowha General Engineering Co, for KEPIC Qualification

Developed KEPIC-MD (Material Standard) 2012 Annex

Consulting to DSK Engineering for Quality Assurance System Qualification and Registration

Consulting to SWI Inc. for the Registration as Qualified Valve Supplier to KHNP